County Commissioners

  • Develop policies to make all County buildings safe spaces by limiting immigration enforcement on the premises and disallowing the sharing of sensitive personal information with U.S. DHS and ICE.

  • Double funding for the Immigration Legal Defense Fund for Hennepin County residents and pass Immigration Legal Defense funding for Ramsey County residents. The only eligibility criteria for these funds should be residency and financial eligibility.

  • Eliminate the return to prison of individuals under county supervision for technical violations of probation and supervised release.

  • Develop policies to enhance health and wellness of all communities through access to affordable housing, mental and physical health care, jobs, and education.

  • Hennepin County Commissioners: Recognize Minneapolis’ municipal ID as a Hennepin County library card.


  • Kick ICE agents out of our local jails--including no interviewing of people in custody without a valid judicial warrant, notification of rights, and informed consent--and stop notifying ICE of detainees’ release dates and personal information.

  • Provide know-your-rights information and contact info for free immigration legal services.

  • Stop all participation and contracts with U.S. DHS and the DOJ’s CVE program and provide an accounting of all monies received from these programs.

  • Allow in-person family visits in the jail and embrace programs for rehabilitation and wellness.

County Attorneys

  • Create and streamline U-Visa guidance, training, and certification processes and create an expedited certification timeline for detained immigrants.

  • Consider immigration consequences in the charging and plea processes and prohibit sharing of information with U.S. DHS.

  • Adopt both juvenile and adult diversion and restorative justice strategies that will help keep families and communities intact.

  • Open a dialogue with directly impacted communities regarding the office’s charging, bail-request, and plea policies and create transparency and accountability around those decisions through tracking and publicly reporting data.  

Chief Judges, 2nd and 4th Judicial Districts

  • Create and establish rules limiting ICE enforcement at the courthouse and ICE’s ability to access non-public information.

  • Verify that the person is not in ICE custody or the custody of another county jail and has not been deported before issuing a bench warrant for non-appearance at court, and void any existing warrants when those conditions apply; if an individual is in ICE custody or has been deported, allow appointment of counsel without an appearance at court.

  • Open a dialogue with directly impacted communities to examine the way in which the justice system contributes to unjust outcomes for poor, Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities and those struggling with mental health and addiction.

The Decriminalizing Communities Coalition demands a call to justice and love for all who call our counties home.  We look forward to working with elected officials and community members to bring our counties’ actions in line with our values of justice and dignity.